Terms and Conditions

1- Admin will have the option to raise and lower click rates whenever he wants.

2- Our Withdraw policy will never be changed, if any technical problem comes, Membres will co-operate.

3- In case of any illegal activity, the Memorandum Account will be blocked without notification.

4- In addition to the company's registered Franchisee, do not upgrade the account from anyone else, the company will not be able to harm any kind of damage.

5- Do not share your user name / password and measurement TID and screen shots with anyone in the event of doing so, the company will not be Responsible.

6. Save your Payment Proof (TID) by making a screenshot or video of your money, the company can ask you at any time.

7- The fee that charges for sending a payment will be paid to the user itself.

8- With the amount of Withdraw, the company will charge 5% in charge of the company policy.

9- If any account is terminated, its referral's income memorandum will not be given.

10- If they upgrade the account again, they will be given the referral commission again.

11- Only Limited referral is allowed in an account and this will be the same package plan.

12- If anybody attempts to deceive any type of Franchise company, his account will be blocked and the accounts of the first 10 referral accounts will be blocked.

13- The company will only be the sole source of measurement sent to a direct company account.

14- The company will not be the recipient of a direct sent to any of your Franchise or any other person.

15- If any user misleads / misleads against the company, all accounts associated with it will be blocked and a severe action will be taken against it.

17- If you have any problems with your account, contact Franchise. If you do not resolve the problem, you can contact us at our Facebook's Office page.

18- It will be removed from the company at any of the company's staff's non-moral or non-cultural movements.

19- Membranes do not tie up the bouquet company staff because you may also face problems. please contact the required company at the moment.

20. The amount sent to the registration fee will be non-refundable, which will be used by the company to improve the services given to its members, and no later will be authorized to claim.

21. In case of any kind of unpleasant incident with the Member, the account will be transferred to its legal heir

Thank you very much for your co-operation. Trust is our success.